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Mike Field-Dodgson

Well hello there, I trust you are in good spirits.

“So Get Healthy” is not a command. I am not into ordering people about. I like to think I am providing a resource for people who have the foresight to improve or maintain their health, fitness and flexibility. Therefore “So Get Healthy” is just a positive statement of action and expectation.

I have been on this Planet for a few years now – 69 to be exact, and have experienced quite a lot. Some experiences were good and some were bad but they have all been valuable in making me what I am now.

I have had four careers: Scientist, Businessman, Hammer Hand, and Health and Fitness Thingy. I am very active. My main methods of keeping fit are, walking in the mountains, biking and using a mini-tramp for a rebounding exercise routine I have developed.

I live on a small farm which keeps me busy with my wife and we have been together for 44 years. Our two daughters lead their own lives now. 

We enjoy skiing in the winter and walking up and down hills in the summer.

My wife was a New Zealand representative at Dressage, and still competes as do our children, so we are what you could call a “Horsey” family.

By keeping active and fit we can live life to the full, and age is just a consequence of how long we have been on this planet – that’s all.